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Doors that won't close. Bulging and sloping floors. Cracks in the foundation. Cracks in your drywall. Cracks in your brick. These are all signs of foundation distress. Rely on Ram Jack to perform an expert evaluation of your home or business.

ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR-1854)
Ram Jack is the first helical manufacturer to receive their ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR-1854)

Foundation Repair Innovation: Ram Jack is the only logical solution in the foundation repair industry

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Workers Repairing a foundation


Ram Jack offers affordable, guaranteed solutions for failing foundations.

We Offer:
  • Construction services
  • Correcting basement walls
  • Correcting bowed walls
  • Brick repair
  • Repair cracks in brick, stone, and tile
  • Crawl space conditioning
  • Foundation repair and solutions
  • Stabilization and structural repair
  • House leveling
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Warning Signs

Look out for: Cracks. Bulges. Gaps. Deformation.

Any of these signs familiar? Don't wait for seasonal or climatic changes to further damage your home. Call or contact Ram Jack and let us evaluate your home.
Cracks in Brick Outside of a HouseBasement Foundation CracksOutside Foundation CracksInterior Wall CracksWall Damage

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Our Method

Our piles have no peers.Our unique piling solutions provide the strength and stability that can only be found in the best American steel. The result is a lasting foundation, and the peace of mind of knowing you're on solid ground for the life of your home.

Ram Jack MethodWith 19 patents for advanced designs over the last 25 years, Ram Jack gets foundation repair. We also get the fact that no one wants to fix the same problem twice. That's why we get the job done right the first time-every time.

What Makes Us Special:

Driving Head • Hydraulic Rams • Guide Sleeve

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When you do a job right, it speaks for itself. Of course, we always love to hear from our many satisfied customers as well. Below are the words of real Ram Jack customers on both the residential and commercial sides of our business.

  • "Our first house in the area had a 1923 foundation. We had problems. We took bids. We selected Ram Jack because of their honesty and willingness to understand that we were new to this type of problem and kept us informed throughout the entire process!"

  • "I would like to extend a personal thank you to your office coordinators, the field estimators and of course the strong and knowledgeable employees doing the work. I would highly recommend Ram Jack! Thank you."

  • "I was pleasantly surprised when I hired Ram Jack; they kept me informed throughout the entire process. My home is my investment and now it has been repaired to never fail again. I appreciate all you did for me Ram Jack."

  • "I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism and hard work that was evident while your crew was on our property. They stayed on the go virtually all day under extreme heat and finished in record time. It was obvious to me early on that this crew had a great deal of experience and worked well as a team..."

  • "I'm an investor and we use Ram Jack quite frequently. I rely on Ram Jack for my success and have not been let down. Quality, service, and reliability every time. Thank You Ram Jack!"

  • "I interviewed four foundation repair companies with different methods of repair. Selecting Ram Jack. seemed to meet my needs best. The references I called were very positive in response to my questions. All questions I asked of the Representative of Ram Jack were answered to my satisfaction. I feel I can recommend Ram Jack without reservation."

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Ram Jack Offers Same as Cash Financing through EZ-PAY • We Offer a Lifetime Warranty Backed by a Dealers Association Warranty Trust Program